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50and50: North Carolina

UPDATE: This is now available as a print! Please go to my Society6 store to purchase

I'm proud to be representing the great state of North Carolina in Dan Cassaro's 50and50 State Mottos project. The list of talent involved in this thing is pretty staggering, so I'm grateful to be a part. Dan is going to be releasing one a day until complete, so keep checking back.

I remember hearing the state motto in middle school history class and it's always stuck with me. I think it's a pretty amazing thing to rally behind and something I feel a personal connection to. I wanted to use the typography to express the idea of removing everything we put on that keeps us from being who we really are. As I was working I thought of the illustration as the dismantling of a defense mechanism.

UPDATE: For those of you asking for prints of this. It's in the works by Dan Cassaro, curator of the project. More details soon.


Thumbnailed 009: Doctor


Random: Rocket


Random: Momentum

A desktop to remind me to keep moving. Download, use, enjoy.


AirMax1-a-Day / Ser.2

If you haven't seen what I guess is now, Series 1, you can check that out here. You already know or will find out that "1-a-day" is an exaggeration. On my best weeks I do about 3 or 4. The first series was a great creative outlet and recharge, so I'm going to work on entries into series 2 as I have time. I will post them all in this entry, so it won't update in your RSS reader, but I always post the new ones to twitter if you want to stay updated there.

UPDATE: I just turned this into a KICKSTARTER project, MAX100: The Book and would be grateful if you'd check it out, support it and spread the word.

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